Collaboration- and cost models

Models that match your idea or business from local start-up to global business.

We offer collaboration- and cost models that focus on creating and sharing value.

Our preferred model is partnership. Experience shows that more lasting value is created through collaboration and co-ownership.

In some cases turn key solutions, with known costing up front is more suitable and for certain expert tasks or during the initial phases of collaboration a standard consultancy agreement might be applicable.

For standard deliveries such as hosting, service and support monthly fees makes best sense.

Idea Lab


Sparring for inventors and smaller companies to clarify potentials, goals and possible collaboration.

This timeboxed service is free of charge.

Ressources: Free

Materials: Cost price


Low cost

Co-ownership of solution and/or business value increase.

Cost based prics

Ressources: Cost price

Materials: Cost price

Konsulent bistand

High cost
Your ownership

For expert tasks or during the initial phases, standard consultancy agreement might be preferable.

Framework agreement with scope and hourls managed by You.

Ressources: Cost price x 2

Materials: Cost price x 1,2

Hosting services

Fixed price

Cloud hosting
Server hosting

Contact us for technology and service choices.

Monthly fee based on package selection.

Turnkey Solutions

Fixed price

For certain solutions the right way is turn-key, where we deliver the solution as a service.

Known costs up front.

One off implementation cost

Monthly service or click fee

Service & Support

Fixed price

Support solutions for end users, superusers or developers.

1. Level support:
Monthly retainer fee based on service level and volumes.

2. og 3. Level support:
Monthly retainer fee based on service level and complexity.

Hardware service and maintenance:
Monthly retainer fee.
On site visits based on hourly rate.
In shop repairs based on agreed prices.

For more information, contact:

Jacob Munk
+45 26 84 80 80